Benefits Bronze Silver - £800 Gold - £2,000
EVENTS 2017 enhancement      
Select topics
Event attendance Trial meeting Participation, if space allows 4 meetings pa.
Event presentations  if survey completed
Public Workshops - £395pp
Participate in surveys
Survey results Participated surveys only All surveys and archived results
Questions for Members      
Pose a question
Question output if answer if answer if answer
Benchmark Report £2,500 £2,300 £1,900
Web access for member company representatives


Membership restrictions

Membership remains strictly for Suppliers to the Grocery retailers and is subject to approval by SSC. Membership is not open to consultants, retailers or service providers (participation will only be by invitation).

Membership limited to Company individuals who are registered and use a recognised company email account, non registered individuals must register to attend events or participate in the survey– first necessary step.